It’s been cold. Oh not the extreme winter cold we will get but the drop from 65F to 5F in the space of a week cold which autumn brings. The sun yesterday just made it look warm.

We’re actually slightly above freezing today which explains the rain storm forecast for later this afternoon.


I’m trying to get inside chores accomplished – I mean, I can’t just read ALL the time. 🙂

I hate housework but I like a tidy house. Unfortunately there’s a puppy in this home who thinks he has the right to redecorate anyway he wants. This primarily involves lap rugs, and cat toys, and paper towels, and socks, and anything else he can find carefully piled all over the floor.

I guess the good news is that the vacuum makes all 3 animals hide so there are short periods of peace.


I recently had to deal with a tiny housekeeping issue on this computer as well. I couldn’t download any more photos from my camera. It’s my own fault.

I take hundreds of pics every day (cause that way at least a few might be in focus), the camera is set to capture both a jpg and a RAW version of each shot, I never delete the ones that don’t work or I don’t like, and I don’t spend any time annotating the ones I really want to keep. sigh


The good news is that I have been backing up onto an external drive, so I took a scorched earth approach to freeing up 1 terabyte of space. I really need to start labeling, filing, deleting, etc., like a real grown-up. blech

I suggested the same approach for the rest of the house to Fergus. His opinion is that the only thing which needs tossing in the trash is the puppy. We’re still discussing options. 🙂


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