It’s Oh So Quiet


Some of you might recognize the title reference to a song by björk – it seemed appropriate only because of the volume extremes it includes. 🙂

The Island doesn’t feel deserted these days just emptier. The tourists and summer residents have departed and now the lobster fishermen are out on the water instead of getting ready. There is almost no traffic outside the early morning/late evening convoys of vehicles to and from the Harbour.


However, it’s not exactly silent. Oh the 4 & 3 wheelers are not parading around and school is in so the kids disappear during the day. The weather is making up for it though.

We’ve had a lot of wind … and it howls. The rains keep returning and they aren’t gentle. It’s officially mud season around here.


I took Fish down to Head Harbour the other day, when it was sunny, thinking that since it’s fairly sheltered we’d avoid the worst of the wind. It was still cold.

As most of the boats were out there was no activity on the wharf so it was very quiet – no engines roaring or men yelling or crates being flung around. Fish managed to find bits of bait that these guys missed. You can’t count on seagulls to keep the place clean.


One of the boats came in and I asked them how it went. We agreed that the wind made things much more difficult than it had to be.

Then the Captain said “Well, at least it’s warm.”. Warm? It was -4C (25F) at the Harbour and you can imagine the windchill due to the gale force winds (63–87 km/h or 39–54 miles/hour) we’ve had for days. Admittedly it’s going to get colder but still, these guys are weird.


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