We’re Famous! … sort of


The first shot in today’s post is of Lubec, ME taken from the Island I now call home. We’re 300 yards away from this American town and known primarily as the one-time vacation residence of FDR and his amazing wife Eleanor Roosevelt.

We’re physically linked to Maine by a bridge, which is a good thing because we have to go to the mainland for gas and other necessities. The rest of Canada is not directly accessible for most of the year unless you own a boat.


You get used to this sense of being out here on your own and you also get used to the commute through Maine to visit the rest of your nation. We spend a lot of time at border crossings and, for the most part, it all goes smoothly.

Well, I guess I should point out that the commute is only possible for those who can travel to the US. There are folks who are barred for one legal reason or another. It makes life difficult for them, but I digress.


I told you recently that our mail, delivered by the outstanding people at Canada Post, must be trucked through Maine from mainland New Brunswick. Lately those letters and parcels have encountered their own border delays. Most, and sometimes all, of them are opened at the St. Stephen/Calais crossing.

My packages and letters are opened and I’m certain prove to be very boring for the CBP Officers searching through the contents. There are, however, some fairly large issues around this situation and frustration is turning to anger. Imagine your bank statement or medical records arriving with inspection tape on them.


You don’t have to believe me though. A venerable institution, the BBC, has taken notice of our little problem. Weirdly this is the 2nd or 3rd story I’ve seen on their site about us lately which seems totally out of proportion to our profile in the World. Maybe a correspondent lives here and I just haven’t met them yet. 🙂

In any case, you can read Canadian Islanders Angry Over US Mail Searches on their website. Fish is not entirely happy that his packages are opened, but he does enjoy going through the border. They give him cookies. 🙂



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