You Have to Think Big when Dealing with America


I hope it looks cold in these images because it is. Very cold. The weather reflects not only meteorological truths but also the state of relations between this corner of Canada and our neighbour.

I’ve told you about the Great Mail Kerfuffle already. The short version is that all letters/packages being sent from the rest of Canada to Canadians in this corner of Canada by Canada Post are being held and opened by US Customs in Calais. This includes Amazon boxes, sometimes bank statements, doctors’ letters, etc., etc., etc. Canada Post doesn’t even show me tracking data for parcels or express mail anymore because they have no idea when stuff will arrive.

We assume it has something to do with the legalization of marijuana in Canada. As a result of this project of theirs even the Provincial Government’s official dope store won’t ship to this Island right now. This hasn’t slowed things down. What has slowed down is the large volume of mail expected at this time of year. We’re not getting it.


I’ve made jokes in a post about them opening and inspecting my underwear (which they did). The green inspection tape has become as standard as the address label on our mail.

I was able to maintain a healthy objective distance from the issue, understanding both sides, and remaining calm in discussions while appreciating the frustration of it all. I was, at least, until my monthly coffee delivery did not occur. I inherited a Tassimo machine, and I love it (and do the effort to recycle the pods), but product is not easily available. Luckily Amazon will send it here. It should have arrived early last week.

People who know me know that I need my morning coffee. There is a wide-spread addiction to Tim Horton’s here and that’s fine for most people. I, however, need to be able to taste my coffee and the stuff they sell doesn’t satisfy me.

Now I’m pissed.


A West Coast friend and I commented to each other that Canada should retaliate by opening all the mail going to Pt. Roberts, Washington. They’re geographically separated from the US the way we are from Canada. Can you imagine the screaming that would ensue?

I have an even better idea. It’s time to address the problem head on.

I propose that Canada Customs begin inspecting every piece of mail, every container load, every shipment, crossing our Country by road/rail/sea to and from Alaska. That’s right – every single thing, every single way, in both directions. After all, Alaska Bud is a known product and it’s illegal to have it transported across the border.

Yeah they like to throw their weight around. However, the lesson they will learn is to not mess with Canadians, with this Island, or with my coffee!


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