Year’s Almost Over


Yep it’s still lobster fishing season but it’s almost done, much like the year. Work continued between long journeys to places like Saint John or Bangor to do festive shopping (shudder).

Christmas went well around my place although there were some ups and downs. The good news is that the turkey turned out really well. I wish I’d known the tip many years ago about letting it rest as long as it cooked. The small one (10 lbs) I roasted wound up resting for over 4 hours and was as tender/juicy as you could wish. Some things didn’t go so well and I learned a valuable lesson.


Two years ago I ran out of the sage I’d brought with me. The local store didn’t have any so I went across the bridge and bought some in Lubec. This was a mistake. Nothing turned out properly. I mentioned to some friends at Christmas lunch this year that there must be something wrong with the bottle. It doesn’t taste right and it’s yellow.

Every cook in the room replied, in unison, “Don’t buy American sage. Wait til you’re in Canada. They aren’t the same.” There must be a list somewhere, I just have to find it.

A friend asked me if I’ve recovered from my surgery. I replied that, much like the next boat, I feel badly maintained but still seaworthy. Recovery time must be over by now – next year I’ll get fit. grin


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