Good Intentions 2020


I don’t make resolutions. The only thing I accomplish is breaking records breaking resolute promises. However, I do start out each year with good intent.

For example, I tried to get a head start with the housecleaning necessary on my photo files. The problem is that I am as easily distracted as the monster masquerading as a puppy in this house.


I got as far as sorting through the 2018 pics from Machias Seal Island and didn’t get any further. Yet. So I’ll share some more of the ridiculous birds I met and pretend this was my plan all along. 🙂

The good news is that, in spite of the wholesale deleting I did off my hard drive, the backup seems to have worked and the old photos are still accessible. I intend to be more organized on an ongoing basis this year (hah!).


I also want to post more regularly in 2020. A few things will get in my way. Even though I’m retired, and (supposedly) living a life of leisure, my schedule is rarely up to me.

In addition my car and I lead mostly separate lives (long story) so photo safaris aren’t always possible.

Thirdly, there is this young animal who resents any time I spend on this computer. He’s currently shredding paper in protest. Luckily he doesn’t consume the paper – he just spreads tiny pieces of it everywhere. sigh Fish is addicted. Don’t try to use a tissue in his presence; he will take it off you and leave bruises behind.


One of the tasks I have to pursue this year involves that puppy. He will be trained. I anticipate many more “discussions” with him, but he will be trained. The cats have put this project at the top of my list.

Finally, 11 months after my surgery, I’m starting to get more exercise. You’d think having a new dog would help but this little one thinks I should pick him up after a short distance and resents my lack of servitude.


Some camera work doesn’t require a change in location (or a car) and I’ve been putting it off. I have some lenses and other accessories I’ve yet to try and use. I intend to figure them out this year. Really! I just have to find them in the piles of stuff I have moved to the second floor in this house. Maybe Fish could help.

The house needs a lot of work (still). Some of it needs more skillful hands than mine and there are intentions to finally get at least a few things on the list done. There are other projects which I could probably do. Well – I can certainly do them. I’ll make a reasonable list and try to spread them out over the next 12 months. That’ll work. Maybe.


Some of my original plans have been buried deep under the realities of this house and location. I fully intended to create a big beautiful flower garden and a vegetable patch. Hah! Not only has the building required more attention than I foolishly anticipated, but I moved to a giant rock. Gardens will require truckloads of topsoil and compost. That’ll happen sometime in the future.

In the meantime, I intend to switch to container gardening. A truly eclectic mix of items are available to use (lobster traps anyone?) and fertilizer (old bait?). I have a box full of seeds – some of them might grow in the terribly brief season we enjoy. At least I’ll have fun trying.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy a healthy and happy year. I intend to. 🙂



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