Scallops on Ice


It snowed for much of yesterday. This morning, however, is clear and very cold. It’s -14C (-25F when you account for wind chill caused by gale force winds). It is miserable.

I went out and took a few photos this morning – one reason this post is later than usual. The other is that I touched the power bar with my foot and accidentally turned off the computer. When I rebooted Windows seized the opportunity to update (of course it did).


The frigid air temperature means we have sea smoke (or, as the locals prefer, vapour) with is very pretty. At least to me. After all I could get these pics sitting in a nice warm car.

A few boats headed out today. At least one of the big ones is crossing over to Grand Manan, the rest of the hardy souls are staying closer inshore.


The scallop season has been opened for a 2 week duration. At the end of that period Fisheries will decide whether or not they’ll allow further dragging.

Honestly, based on the catches so far there’s little reason to believe the quota will be reached anytime soon. The poor results to-date explains in part why these guys are out there. Primarily though, as I’ve said many times, they’re nuts.


Winter lobster and scallop fishing is a great test of endurance. Who needs Bear Grylls to take you on an outdoor adventure to find your limits? Get in one of these boats and spend 12 to 18 hours on your feet banding lobsters or shocking scallops.

Or be like me. Admit defeat before you start and stay warm inside. πŸ™‚



  1. love the sea smoke capture! crazy weather the January for sure – it was over 70 F on Sunday, today we have wind chills in the teens. I’ve been inside since Tuesday evening. πŸ™‚ Not sure I’d even venture out in a warm car with wind chill at -25. You are an intrepid soul!


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