Life Goes On & A Small Rant


I can tell I’m getting acclimated because it feels warm today. It’s just hovering around the freezing mark. Snow was predicted for the weekend, but it looks like they’ve changed their minds and we’ll be getting rain. At least my car will get cleaned.

Today is the last day of scallop season so there was a lot of traffic early this morning. It may be opened again after a week because they haven’t gotten close to catching their quota. We’ll know in a few days.


Fish has a new favourite toy. It’s the kind of thing you’d give a dog owner friend if you wanted to drive them crazy (like giving somebody else’s child a drum set). Imagine a hollow rubber pig about 8 inches long. It has a hole in its mouth and when you squeeze it the sound of farmyard grunting is produced. Loudly.

When he’s not forcing his attentions on innocent stuffed toys he is gleefully grunting. The little darling.


This Island has pretty much everything you need. What is not immediately available can be purchased online or (like gas) can be had with a trip to Maine. There is one area, though, I would like to see improved.

Oh it would be hugely beneficial to have a sports complex so the kids had something to do. It would also be a treat to be able to visit the rest of Canada without having to drive through the US for an hour. These are wildly expensive additions to provide and I doubt anybody is going to do that. When I win the lottery though …..


What this place needs is a Dentist – even one who only visited periodically. The Clinic provides a necessary service but they can’t tackle oral care.

When I was a kid (many many years ago) it was normal to go for a checkup and need a lot of fillings. Then flouride was added to the water and suddenly getting a cavity was rare.

This Island uses well water. Flouridation is not possible. A Dentist and a Hygenist would be cheaper than a Ferry and both are a hell of a lot more important than eliminating our front license plates. grin



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