When Indoor Entertainment is the Logical Choice


We were supposed to get a lot of snow this winter. I suppose it’s possible that piles of it could still arrive, however it’s been relatively absent so far.

I obviously don’t understand all the weather-related linkages in this part of the world, but I’m told this means a very dry summer. We’ll see. 🙂


Two things we’re not short of are wind and bitterly cold temperatures. The annual trips to warmer climes have begun and the Island is very quiet.

Those who remain are trying to avoid many outdoor activities and that leads to new indoor obsessions.


You know how your neighbour finds a new toy and suddenly a lot of people are getting it? Particularly if it seems to solve a problem common to many?

I abandoned trying to use Bell’s satellite tv service within months of signing up. Others I know have been relatively happy with it – until recently. I’ve listened to a lot of people complaining that there’s nothing but repeats on the channels they’re used to watching. They’re pissed off.


One person’s solution was Roku. Conversations between drivers stopping their trucks in the middle of the road have moved from fish to boring television to “Does the American one work here or should I get the Canadian?”. The answer seems to be “He says the US one works for him but the vendor won’t guarantee Bangor stations.”.

I’ve heard so much about it I might get one. I like gadgets as much as the next person. 🙂


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