The New Path


The sun came out yesterday and it was relatively warm – at least there was no howling wind. 🙂

I took Fish down to Herring Cove – which I enjoy. Unfortunately he doesn’t like waves – even tiny ones.


Still, I was determined to take advantage of the weather. I have been meaning to go walk the new bicycle trail in the Park and this seemed like a good opportunity.

You can tell it’s being used – lots of footsteps and paw prints in the crushed rock. It’s nice and level and I’m hoping to use it and/or the other ones in the area for walks this year.


This one starts by the highway and crosses Friar’s Head park before taking you to the Visitors’ Centre. I didn’t make it all the way so I don’t know what happens next.

I may wind up having to get leashes to take more dogs with me. Brimmer has not exactly forgiven me, but he and his pal Prince come over every time I go out. I’ve won him over with cookies. They’d also like to get in the car, but again without a leash I’m not going to chance it.


Fish stayed tethered. I can’t trust him not to get distracted – honestly, he loses his way just chasing a leaf.

He wanted to go make friends with a forest dweller, however I didn’t give him that opportunity. Imagine him running through the woods with this guy. What could possibly go wrong?


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