Who Knows?


I got some cat food at the local store yesterday so my life is spared for the time being. There was also a quick trip upriver to get supplies for a friend and I witnessed the results of hoarding.

The IGA had no beef on its meat shelves. The long water aisle in Walmart was empty. Toilet paper was absent everywhere. Luckily I wasn’t looking for any of those things.


The latest rumour is that the border will close in a few hours. This Island is really really good at rumours. 🙂 There will be an announcement this afternoon from Ottawa and it could relate to anything – I guess we’ll find out.

In the meantime, on a positive note, the wildlife is starting to emerge. I’m not going to claim that Spring is here – I know better than that.


Early last week I was driving through the Park and saw hundreds of robins in the woods. I’m told, based on that, to expect one more snow storm and about 2 inches of white stuff.

Sure enough we’re expecting snow tomorrow – followed quickly by a lot of rain.

All in all it’s a good time to take care of indoor chores. Be safe out there!



  1. We were in NB when they got their first confirmed case. We cut our trip short because they were talking about closing the borders. We were in O’Hare when the long lines hit; thankfully we weren’t in them. Went shopping when we finally arrived home – stores are limiting the amounts of certain goods you can purchase. Our schools are on Spring Break this week, but we expect them to close next week. The whole thing is surreal. Glad you were able to get what you needed.

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