As Things Change


Sunrise over the Wolves yesterday. My companion started yelling as I took this shot – he saw the eagle with its wings back, claws out, diving towards Fish. It turned off about 6 feet above his head.

The dog was oblivious and thought we were playing a game when we tried to get him back in the car. sigh He’s staying on the leash outside now and we won’t be going back to the Lighthouse for morning runs.


Later in the morning I got a call saying I was going clamming. Really? I put on layers of warmth and filled the pack my nephew gave me a few years ago.

We headed out in the wind past that clump of trees you see in the middle of the shot – on a 4 wheeler. Over the rocks and the sand and the (shudder) rockweed.


I had the easy part – trying to stay warm, take photos, and later make lots of clam chowder.

I also ate a lot of sand. You’d think wet sand would stay where it belongs. You’d be wrong.


We expect the border to be shut to “non-essential” travel in the next day or so. A Government Minister said yesterday that shopping is not essential. Well, maybe not for her. grin

The rumour is that the ferry will be conscripted to run between here and Deer Island. It had better be free. If Governments can bail out airlines and other parts of the economy they can cover the costs of us reaching our own Country. We’ll see. 🙂


I reviewed my monthly subscription list on Amazon – I’ll have to add something things but I’m in good shape for other supplies. Toilet paper and paper towels, for example. As it happens the latter two items on my usual order aren’t available to me now anyway.

I saw a listing by a budding entrepreneur for 10 rolls – $36 plus shipping. You can just buy one roll from them – for $6 plus shipping. Have you noticed that emergencies bring out the most self-serving instincts in some people?


There are Islanders are still making their way home from vacation. I wish they’d hurry up and get here.

The banks are limiting hours (assuming you can make it to St Stephen). The local pharmacy is operating but their doors are closed. You call to ask for what you want, arrange to pay by credit card, and then pick it up outside their door when its ready.

I told Fish that he should hope staying on a leash is the only change to his lifestyle. He and I are in good shape – a lot of people have it much worse.

Like this (according to its Registry) 5 year old Freighter.


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