On the Positive Side


So let’s acknowledge that businesses and people are suffering and will continue to do so as long as this lasts. No question about that. There are, however, a few tiny bright spots in this current mess.

Personally, I’d hate to be going through this without a cell phone or the internet. As much mis-information as there is out there, we do have some idea what’s going on. And, as infuriating as it can be, social media does allow for communication.

Having travel banned and/or limited means that tourism and seasonal residents may be absent this summer. I’ll miss you all (which reminds me, Darryl I have that photo of  your house – I’ll figure out where to send it).

The good news is that the whales won’t be hassled by the unethical/lawless/ dicks who make the animals’ lives miserable with their whale watching boats. If they all behaved like the local operators my temper wouldn’t rise so much in the summer.


We’re told that the details will become clearer later today concerning the closure of the Border tonight. One person told me that Lubec and Campobello will be treated as one community – meaning getting gas etc., will be possible.

Honestly, the wharf is not the most reliable source for information. 🙂

A nurse was denied entry to Maine from St. Stephen yesterday because coming down to give a patient their needed colitis shot wasn’t deemed essential. We’re all hoping that gets sorted in a few hours.

No matter how it turns out I can tell you that Fish is very happy. Neutering a monster disguised as a puppy is not on any list of acceptable travel reasons. pffft They don’t have to live with him.





  1. Travel aside, spay/neuter pets is considered elective surgery. I know vets, including Canadian ones, not doing spays and neutered to preserve masks and protective equipment for human hospital use. Hopefully knowing that makes the wait a little easier.

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