It started snowing overnight – Fish is thrilled! I made the mistake of checking the news at 2 in the morning (he had to go out) which means I didn’t get back to sleep.

I’m not going to waste your time or mine arguing with idiots … well except for the ones who like to spout nonsense on the wharf. They expect it and I do like to live up to expectations. 🙂


Ahuva will correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that (in the olden days) IBM had signs all over their offices which read THINK. It’s good advice.

So I’m just going to ask that the people feeling empowered by somebody who started with “Grab her by the p*ssy”, and then slid quickly down hill, do some thinking.


First they should remember that they’re saying this stuff OUT LOUD. Then it would be nice if they (quietly) contemplated what it is they’d like to be known for. Honestly, at the moment it’s not good.

I know we’re going to be fine and if the rest of the world has to build a wall around our neighbours to the south we will. I feel for you guys and I do have some space if you want to camp out here. hugs


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