Things are Calm


It’s a pretty, calm morning around here. Clouding over though (as you’ll see from the reflection in the next pic). We’re supposed to get rain tonight, turning to snow by morning, and then 3 or 4 inches of white stuff.

Of course it’ll probably skirt around us and we’ll see nothing. It does feel like Spring is almost here.


Birds were singing everywhere and I even saw one cardinal. They don’t hang around my place so they’re rare for me. I interrupted two huge rabbits mating in the Park (ooops, sorry!) and saw some big deer at one of the cemeteries.

I also saw this little still-life on the far side of the Harbour. Somebody has a sense of humour. 🙂


The Spring lobster season is delayed. This is not surprising, prices are pitiful at the moment and many distributors still have unsold stock in storage. Some boats have continued actively dragging for scallops while others are tied up, loaded with traps which may not be used until the Fall. If then.

The salmon cages are being cleaned and moved around. One boat towed 3 cages from near my place this morning – safer to get around the Lighthouse when there’s little or no wind.


If all goes well (and Fergus doesn’t kill him first) Fish will get a bath and a manicure today. I discovered that getting him wet and sudsy provides enough of a distraction that cutting his nails is possible. Honestly, I consider it a success if we both survive.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the West Quoddy Lighthouse south of Lubec taken from Liberty Point. This is a spot in the Park where you can find a breeze even during the hot still days of summer.  Fish got lost in the long grass chasing a squirrel. 🙂



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