There’s Time


It rained last night but today is supposed to be sunny and relatively warm. I plan to do a little cleanup in the yard and sprinkle some wildflower seeds. You never know, some of them might work. 🙂

In the absence of most markets there are still draggers heading for the Grey Zone for scallops. Boats from another Island are going to the same area for lobsters – although the price is really low. I know of one local fisherman who has taken the traps off of his deck and is putting back his scallop gear.


The Province is trying to arrange home schooling options for the kids and it appears to rely on the internet. That poses difficulties here.

I’ve told you that on a good day we have the equivalent of dial-up speeds and the load these days is very high. People have much more time to spend on Facebook and watch Netflix.

Parents and teachers have been told by the providers that there isn’t the capacity to support students with the current usage. Maybe the rest of us could just stay off the web for a couple of hours a day.


Big Mama is back in her nest out on Lighthouse Road. She’s the one who tried to eat Fish a couple of weeks ago – he remains oblivious to the dangers.

This bird is really good at hiding and avoiding my camera – helped by my ineptitude to be honest. I figure I have a few months to get lucky and maybe there will be one nice shot of her.

I can only hope. 🙂


Speaking of Fish. The whole time I’m working on the computer, or making coffee, or cleaning the litter box, etc., he’s holding on to my leg with a ball in his mouth. When I refuse to play fetch he just mutters at me. If I ignore him the singing/whining starts.

The good news is that Fergus loses patience with this and starts chasing him around the house. I’ll go out later and he can harass my group of dog friends. They should earn those cookies.

Now that the weather has improved he is going to start learning to obey me. Or maybe he’ll learn to at least co-operate a little. Maybe.


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