Hello In There


I took a few shots from the far side of my cove this morning then headed down to the wharf for a daily dose of gossip and rumours.


Managed to get to Lubec for gas and noticed the electronic sign board sitting at the Border. Whatever winds up getting posted will probably mean things will get a little more complicated here.


There are a few residents who have been trying to behave as if everything is normal. They’re getting told at Customs not to come back for 10 days. 3 trips a day to have a cup of coffee is no longer acceptable.


I’d have rambled on longer, and as usual without much sense, but instead I’ll just make a strong suggestion.

Today, in your isolation, spend some time listening to the now late, always great, John Prine. I’d start with the one I’ve linked to, but he has lots of funny ones as well. I am lucky to live in the same era as a lot of talented people. He’ll be missed.


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