Spring is What You Make It


My friend Ahuva is passing time in isolation working on her garden. The b*tch. I don’t have a garden. I really want one and had plans for one before I arrived to discover all this rock and a house that needed insulation. 🙂

This year there will be containers from which flowers and tomatoes will erupt. In the meantime, I have to look for something that indicates Spring wherever I can. I find it in the Harbour.


Scallop draggers are not very Spring-like. I understand that fishing gear is utilitarian but some aesthetic appeal would be nice.

Last night it was announced that local areas will open on Monday for lobster fishing. It’s a total mystery how much they might get paid for their catch and some fishermen are refusing to even try. But, there are welcome signs that others are taking a chance.


I started to see colour popping up this morning. Glorious reds and oranges and blues. One thing about lobster fishing – it’s bright. It might not be flowers in a garden but, even on a cold day with mixed snow/rain in the forecast, it made me happy.

I told you the other day that I had purchased a new, essential piece of equipment and I’m naming her Betsy. A woman I know is going to pick her up for me and I will introduce you once she’s operational.


I have a lot of yard and house cleaning to do first and might even get some of it done today. On the other hand, I might go through my gardening books.

I know they smell awful, they aren’t edible, and they aren’t available to decorate barren rock around here, but these manly fishing accessories make me feel like Spring is here. Frankly, I’m going to use whatever I can find. 🙂



  1. Have you ever seen pictures of Derek Jarman’s garden at Prospect Cottage?
    He created the most amazing garden in a shingly desert. Some of the other residents in Dungeness (all in the shadow of a HUGE nuclear power station) have done similar things.


  2. Oh such harsh words! I don’t see why you can’t enjoy my garden virtually. After all, aren’t YOU the one who taught me how to make a tree? 🙂 Speaking of which – I just sent emails out to 2 of those folks to see how they are faring (you know – the one that inspired Drama Dolls and the one who writes great code and rescued my ducks). I have no idea what the proper word is for those bright pinkish-reddish things, but what a great color. Makes me smile just to see them piled up like that. I like the shot with them and the blue cages and the green nets. So vibrant! We had spring for a few days. Last night and tonight it’s in the 30s (that’s Fahrenheit). And rain. omg, i know April showers bring May flowers, but we’re not going to get flowers if all the soil and seeds go floating down to the river. You know what I need? Some good blues music. Let’s go see if Von Johin’s playing.

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