It was a very simple plan and it should have been easy to carry out. However, I stumbled on a secretive organization that is apparently in charge on this Island. I’ll start at the beginning.

You know I heat my house with a wood burning stove. It’s efficient and effective and I’m very pleased with the results. Unfortunately this winter was fraught with supply issues. The person who was supposed to bring me 6 cords of dry, cut, split wood must have forgotten because it never arrived.


Don’t get the wrong idea though. I never completely ran out and I was never cold. However, rather than a large inventory from which I could replenish indoor stock, it meant that periodically friends would arrive with trucks full of their excess or recently cut deadfall.

This always meant that somebody else had to show up with a chainsaw and log splitter to get the wood in shape for the stove. I always felt like I was needy and living on the edge. 🙂


My plan was to acquire the equipment necessary to take care of things myself. I announced my intention to get a chainsaw and the answer, from multiple voices, was “No!”. On occasion the reply was slightly modified to “Hell, no!”. It’s as if there is an organized group on this Island which has a mandate to approve chainsaw ownership. The bastards.

I didn’t ask permission or even verbalize my intention to acquire Betsy. She arrived the other day. grin I now own a 6 Ton Dual Cut Electric Log Splitter with Pedal.


She’s beautiful and she works brilliantly. This means that I can now render the giant logs in my garage down to usable firewood. I can also spend time this summer ensuring stacks of firewood for next winter.

I intend to file an appeal with the Chainsaw Licensing Board. Once I find their bylaws and procedures. In the meantime I’ll split wood and continue to look for likely flower pots. Unfortunately, Tiger won’t let me use this piece.

The men on this Island are really stubborn. sigh



  1. wooohoooo!!! You are woman, hear you roar! or rather – hear your chain saw roar!!! just please make sure all the paperwork that i’ll need in case of any accidents is all up to date. *grin* actually – i have total confidence in you. and i love how you worked around ‘them’.

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  2. No thank you 🙂

    And she brought that up because I once mildly reprimanded (she will insist yelled at) her for climbing a tall step ladder in the aforementioned flip flops holding a heavy hedge trimmer over her head preparing to do battle with overgrown yew.
    I’m not quite so foolish.


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