Chugging Along


It’s a beautiful morning. There’s a hard frost but it’s clear and sunny and (wonder of wonders) there’s no wind. Yet. If my first winter here was memorable for the flash freezes and rivers of ice, this one was all about the wind.

They say there will be an active hurricane season this year. Great. A summer of wind. πŸ™‚


The boats planning to head out tomorrow to set traps are all ready but there was some doubt this week as to whether or not the season really would open. The DFO finally modified the variation order Friday morning so the green light will be on at 7:00 am.

Physical distancing rules will be impossible on board those boats. Cross your fingers for them.


My hummingbirds are almost here so I’ll get the feeders ready and put outside. It’s not on the scale of lobster fishing grin but it’s also not like I’m trying to catch them. I look forward to seeing how Fish reacts.

It’s time for me to start putting winter equipment in the basement and opening it up for spring/summer. I can also open the door to the second floor which will give the cats a place to hide from the puppy monster.


I will be going upriver a week from tomorrow – I have my mask and the last bottle of hand sanitizer. If anybody needs anything just give me a list. You know how to find me. πŸ™‚

My loon wasn’t in the Harbour this morning. He must have guessed I’d have my camera with me, the brat. I have hopes of getting some good shots of his markings and dance moves. There are only so many pics of seagulls I can take.


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