On a World Far Far Away


Somewhere out there in a distant galaxy there is a world much like ours. On it is a small Island, much like mine, where today boats were heading out to see if any lobster wanted to crawl into baited traps.

Now, as it happens, there is a pandemic sweeping that world and it has impacted everything. For those Islanders it has meant the disappearance of markets for their catch and rock bottom prices for anything which is sold.


Still, when the authorities on that distant planet decided to open the lobster season, some boats chose to think positively and go set traps.

Given the state of their world, the normal level of galactic government fisheries supervision to enforce the official opening time (7:00 am) isn’t possible. So there might have been captains who figured that one (or even two hours early) wouldn’t be a big deal. They left the Harbour, got around to the backside of the distant Island and encountered this.


um, the Navy had a ship positioned on the line between the fishing zones. Purely by coincidence of course. I meant there’s no reason to believe that officials wouldn’t trust the local fishermen.

So, all these boats just stopped in a distant version of Mill Cove and checked their gear. It was obvious that this was their intention all along. Having what the Islanders affectionately refer to as The Warship offshore didn’t change anybody’s plans. Nope, not a bit.


At 7:00, once all the gear was checked, the boats started to move again. Those heading for the Wolves did so. Those planning to set inshore on their Island started to position themselves to drop traps.

The big boat moved around the Island for a while and then headed up to the other world’s Back Bay.

In the meantime, those who went fishing hope they’ve made the right decision. Those who didn’t feel the same. I just hope those fishermen in that galaxy far, far away stay safe.

Quick update: I received an inter-galactic message saying there are at least 3 naval ships in the Bay. Hmmmmmmmm


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