Uh Oh

I’m attempting this post on my “nearing the end of its life at the duct tape stage” tablet. Please forgive typos and formatting glitches. 🙂

The other day I noticed a new piece of software on my computer. I don’t remember downloading it or giving it permission to install.

It’s apparently a legit application but not one I wanted and my desktop is not happy. My hard drive acts like it is swimming in molasses. This, coupled with current internet speeds of approx 1.2 mps, means that Fish is learning a lot of new vocabulary.

I spent a LOT of hours trying to get rid of this %8_€6=)€6$€5) thing and by last night we had achieved an uneasy but acceptable compromise.

This morning I have the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. I need a lot more coffee before I tackle it.

I can keep taking pics but can’t do anything with them for a while so if I post updates it will be with old photos.

Stay safe out there! I’ll go find my sledge hammer.

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  1. Oh that is not happy news. 😦 good luck with it. Such a bummer about those slow speeds to start with, and then to have BSOD … make that VERY strong coffee

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