And so, In the Immortal Words of Micky Dolenz …

It’s an interesting Spring. Snow this weekend, more tonight, and lots of wind. We’ve lost more trees of course, but I’ve seen porpoises, baby beaver and geese, and there was a whale sighting (not mine). The computer should be operational in a few weeks so I can show you their photos.

In the 2.5 years since I arrived I’ve had the great good fortune to get up close to lots of wildlife. The one beast I was looking forward to has proved elusive. So elusive in fact that I started telling people I expected to see a sasquatch before I ever saw a moose.

This morning two of us were driving around with the dogs and got a text – there was, according to the message, a moose down in Schooner Cove.

Uh huh, I thought, I’ve been on multiple moose hunts and have never even seen one’s shadow.

Still, the driver took off and raced to the backside of the Island. We stopped briefly to talk to Jonathan and get precise information. I got the camera ready on my phone and we headed up the narrow road through the woods.

We turned a corner and by golly there was an animal the size of a small quarterhorse trotting along in front of us. I only saw its backside, which was higher than the windscreen, but I saw It!

A photo would have been nice. However, the car was moving, the moose was trotting, my hands were shaking, and there were 2 hysterical dogs in my lap trying to break out of the car.

Jonathan texted again to ask if I saw it and then said “I told you I’d find you one”. I love these guys. 🙂

I’ll look upon all future moose hunts with a much more positive outlook. Next time I’ll have my camera and the dogs will be left at home. I might actually get proof!

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