Living the Dream

I’m still working on this old tablet so, once again, old photos are being recycled. 🙂

Betsy has been hard at work splitting wood. It’s very satisfying and all the lifting and stacking is better than weight training for me.

A frost advisory came blasting out of my phone at 4 this morning. But it’s another beautiful day. Yesterday it got into the 60sF and there are sunburns on the wharf this morning.

The hummingbirds are finally here. Getting sugar for them will be an ongoing challenge though, it isn’t just flour missing from shelves. They’re worth it.

The shags are back in huge numbers, the gulls are going nuts for the shrimp and (shudder) horrible many-legged worms swimming around, and that one Minke whale is still visiting.

People have been mowing lawns and throwing out a winter’s worth of trash. I’m going to deep clean the car and then start shampooing all the rugs. Everything might actually dry. 🙂

Fish and his friends from the neighbourhood are spending a lot of time with me outdoors.

I told you about the big yellow duffus lab Prince. He brings me presents everyday to exchange for cookies. So far ropes, balls, empty treat packages, and shoes (one at a time). Today I got a baby doll. I love this place.

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