I Thought We Were Lost

I thought it was just our corner of the world. We’ve had a lot of problems lately with weather technology … forecasts and even current conditions as reported by apps (weather networks, media such as Skytracker, and long beloved websites) have been horrible.

It is like they just keep recycling stuff from months ago. After weeks of horrid heat and humidity the info on our phones keeps insisting it is 64F (18C). I was talking to an old fisherman on the wharf the other day and told him that while he mopped his brow. His reply isn’t printable.

I thought maybe there was a blind spot over the Fundy Isles … the satellites couldn’t see us. It turns out, of course, that everything isn’t all about me. Grin The difficulty is worldwide.

The problem is the result of some pandemic thing. Heard of it? Turns out not many (relatively speaking) planes are flying and all the weather data they usually capture isn’t being caught. I’d link to the CNN article I read but I’m lucky to produce a post on this tablet, a link is beyond me. If you want the actual info search for CNN weather forecasts Covid.

Given the way this year is going I figure it’s smart to prepare as if we’ll get hit by a hurricane. This feeling was reinforced by other data I saw from NOAA that shows surface temperatures of the Atlantic higher than normal and the conclusion that this will make the storms last longer in their travels north.

Not having accurate details about what’s coming at us won’t make things any easier. I can say that water temperatures being recorded by local fishermen support the NOAA findings so I’m just going to keep preparing. 🙂

For those who can’t make it back this year: I’ve seen my first finback and the shark which has decided to spend time here. There’s disagreement on his size … 10 or 12 ft long. Their presence, along with the seals and shags, heralds the return of the adult herring and the first local cove was shutoff a couple of nights ago. Cross your fingers it’s a good season!

In the meantime we’re just plugging along, as is the rest of the world … even if it’s easy to forget that sometimes. 🙂


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