Thud! Whelp!

I do miss blogging, although you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve abandoned the activity. The computer will get fixed once higher priority winter preparations are complete. Really!

I can tell that winter is closer now because autumn has arrived with a sudden, shocking, thump. Two weeks ago we were still living in a sauna and then overnight it was below 50f (10c). Many of the hummingbirds have seen the future and already abandoned us.

The temperature change also brought some actual rain, thunder/lightning, and a whole lot of wind. This wasn’t winter-level weather but it did foreshadow a few things.

I have a weekly excursion on the seasonal ferry to Deer Island. Nothing exciting, just walk on here and then immediately come back on the return trip. This was truly therapeutic during the heat wave. πŸ™‚

Last week there was wind the day of my scheduled trip. Lots of wind. When I walked onto the barge they informed me that the boat would not be returning. Sensibly, I walked off again. Spending the night on Deer Island was not an attractive proposition.

This service interruption led to much discussion around here about the whole “year round ferry” many are campaigning for. The seasonal barge is thinking of trying to run 3 days a week all fall/winter/spring. However, without a bigger, meaner, boat how would they manage that in January if they couldn’t handle every day in August?

I actually have a lot of tomatoes on my one plant. Yay! Um, they’re pretty big but stubbornly green. The advent of much cooler temperatures (while truly enjoyable) leads me to suspect they aren’t going to turn red before a harvest is mandatory.

I have a reasonable inventory of vegetables from friends’ gardens in the freezer. I can’t decide on a green tomato recipe which appeals, so it’s probable I’ll just preserve them in a generic fashion and tackle the issue in a few months. You say procrastination, I say keeping my options open. πŸ™‚


  1. In case you haven’t heard by now I am moving to st. John for some health care. I had to be out of my apartment here and couldn’t find anything on the island that was suitable. I either had to be out by spring, couldn’t take my cat, 2 had water issues. I got tired of looking. And then I got a cancer diagnosis. With no car to get back and forth St. John, I decided to look there for an apartment. Found one first day looking. If they ever get senior housing or something suitable here, I will be back.
    Keep your blogs coming. I enjoy them. xo


  2. i don’t believe you miss blogging because EVERYTHING has been more important than a new computer.
    @Deb – so very sorry to hear of your health problems. wishing you speedy and complete recovery.

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