Hacks & Wood & Teddy, Oh My

No it is not snowing yet, but I’m getting ready for winter. Most of my time right now is spent hauling, and splitting, and stacking firewood. Much progress is being made. 🙂

I’m also trying to get the “little” things done. Batteries are being replaced, the yard is being tidied, hot weather stuff put away (including the hummingbird feeders), and repairs are being made.

In the process of doing “repairs” I learned a couple of new-to-me hacks. The first involves the rug in my kitchen. Shampooing the wool rugs turned out great. They aren’t wildly expensive and I was worried the dyed wool wouldn’t be colour-fast but that was no problem.

Unfortunately the one in the kitchen started curling at the corners. This would have inevitably tripped me. It’s too heavy for tape etc., but I found a video done by a carpet layer. The solution? Get peel ‘n stick floor tiles, cut them in half diagonally, peel off the paper, and affix a piece to the underside of each rug corner. This works like a charm and works invisibly.

The second magic hack involves my pillow topped mattress. I never read the instructions so, of course, a big dip formed where I sleep.

The solution I found was to put a flat pillow under the mattress. Pffft I’m sure I could find one if I didn’t need one. My alternative was to use some 2″ foam I had left over. Placed under the dip I now have a good night’s sleep on what feels like a new bed.

It is 2020, and I’ve mentioned before that I expect we’ll get a hurricane. We dodged the last one (yes Ahuva, you won) and the next likely candidate is Teddy. One potential path brings him right into the Bay of Fundy.

I’ll go get supplies in preparation but the one outlier on the list is a replacement firebrick for the wood stove. I don’t think it will get really cold but if the power goes out I will need it to make coffee. I talked to Eric at the Lubec Hardware this morning and he has what I need. Good thing … hurricanes are one thing, me without my coffee could be much worse. 🙂


  1. Hi Maggie: Loved your 2 household hints – the sticky tile for the carpet corners & the pillow between the mattresses (don’t need this yet but am now prepared). Evelyn

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  2. brilliant hack for the carpet. although of course “they” DO say that throw rugs are a hazard for the elderly… 🙂 so happy i “won” the hurricane. please, by all means – do take the next one. VERY happy you will have coffee. i’ve BEEN with you in the morning before you’ve had your coffee. and before i had mine. it did NOT work out well for us. *grin* darn, i miss you.

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