Axe Schmaxe

The start of lobster season is less than 4 weeks away and traps are everywhere. Neat piles cover scows, trucks, yards, and any spare platform people can find.

One reason they’re out a little early this year has to do with new regulations designed to help protect whales. This involves replacing a lot of gear, so the guys have been busy.

We’ve had a number of very calm days but that is now over. Last year the wind started about this date and continued until April. The only real question everyday is what direction it will come from this time.

The Ferry is trying to run 4 days a week … wind permitting. That permission is, frankly, not expected. Driving through Maine will continue to be the default route to the mainland unless a bigger/heavier boat is used. But really, driving to St. Stephen saves 3 hours and you don’t have to pay $54 on top of the cost of gas.

Betsy and I have been splitting wood. I’ve stacked a lot of the dry logs on the sun porch and I have separate areas of dry/green in the garage (along with a healthy pile of kindling). The animals and I will be warm this winter. 🙂

I realized during this process that some of my experience actually has some value in this new life of mine. This became obvious one day when some male friends came over to “supervise” the log splitting. Sigh

Dry wood is no problem, but the green sometimes splits with wood ribbons still clinging to the two pieces. The consensus among my supervisors was that I need a sharp axe to cut these ribbons and separate the logs. Remember, these are the same helpful gentlemen who tell me I’m not allowed to get a chain saw. Somehow a sharp axe wouldn’t endanger my limbs?

I just nodded when they told me what I had to do. I’ve learned that silence is the best response. The gardeners amongst you will know what I did once they left.

Reaching behind me I grabbed my secateurs and clipped the ribbons. Anything they can’t handle the loppers take care of easily. I don’t know how my helpful friends thought I’d dealt with ribbons on the stacks of wood already sitting there. If they ever ask I’ll tell them. 🙂

I hope to get the computer up and running in the next few weeks. Seasonal expenses are almost behind me so I can justify doing something not tied to winter survival. I cross my fingers everyday that this tablet will hang on until then.

/me waves to Debbie … I’m thinking about you!

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