We’re Not Totally Immune

It’s below freezing this morning. The weather apps tell me I should be seeing snowflakes outside but I don’t yet. They also tell me that in a few days the temperature will rise to somewhere in the 60s. It’s a typical fall. πŸ™‚

The lobster season is supposed to start next Tuesday and, based on my experience in the past few years, I expect frigid winds will return by then.

The 2nd (3rd? 4th?) Wave of the pandemic is having an effect on the Island. Oh, apart from at least one false alarm I don’t think we’ve had any cases, but the world around us is taking defensive measures which could have a significant impact.

For example, I’ve had a number of doctor appointments cancelled on the mainland. The visits were supposed to be in hospitals on Tuesdays … that’s when clinic hours for my specialists occur. There are no ferries on Tuesdays and recent outbreaks in Maine have led to rules stating that if I drive through the State I won’t be allowed to enter.

Update: I spoke to the Nurse Practitioner at the local Clinic. He talked with somebody in Saint John and got agreement to allow us into the hospitals as long as we don’t stop anywhere in Maine.

Last summer the Provincial Government established a registry for visitors from other areas … This was to control traffic primarily from Quebec and Ontario at northern entry points. The idea is that if you intend to enter New Brunswick you register online and give your reasons. If you are approved you get authorized and the RCMP or health officials check when you arrive. No approval = no entry.

Some bright light recently decided that the same restrictions would apply to those from Campobello travelling through Maine. This also included anybody going to Lubec for gas and then coming right back. Every time. You won’t be surprised that this was not received well.

I called the Border and was reminded they are Federal and don’t enforce Provincial regulations. I called the Registry and was told that they quickly realized some modifications might be required. If nothing else somebody should reconsider making us wait up to 5 days for approval to get some gas. Sheesh!

If they really want to enforce these new measures they’ll have to move RCMP or Health Officers to the Island. I’d be very surprised if that ever happens. Of course it is 2020 …..

One of the reasons I haven’t posted for a while is that I got too close to someone with a head cold. As usual for me that led to bronchitis. I took so many cold meds that my local Clinic told me to stay away from any sharp objects. LOL I’m on blood thinners so they’re always testing to see if the pills are working.

My test results are supposed to be between 2 and 3. The cold meds boosted my score to 6.8 … Ok no knife throwing. πŸ™‚

One other result of getting sick is that I had to admit to having a lot of symptoms on the Covid list. This resulted in the now famous swab-up-the-nose test. I’m negative but, thankfully, as yet I don’t have to try and convince the RCMP about this. My symptoms should be gone long before any roadblock arrives here. πŸ™‚

Stay warm! Stay safe!


    1. Oh I’m glad to hear you’re doing well! I do ask members of your family lol.
      Someday students will study this year and all the paranormal theories concocted to explain what happened.


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