Lobsters Beware

It may take longer than usual to download the photos today … I took them on my phone because I still can’t transfer anything from my camera. Editing abilities are limited. 😦

The sun is just coming up at 7:00 am, but Fish and I have been down at the Harbour since 4:30. The new Lobster Season opened an hour ago.

As you can see the boats are fully loaded with traps. All of them are baited and, after weeks of preparation, will be put in the water this morning.

The best catches happen during the first two weeks so these traps will be hauled up this afternoon, harvested, baited again and sent back down. Later in the season they might be left for days before the catch is worth bringing onboard.

The opening was at 6:00 but boats headed to the start line at 5. Fisheries was there to enforce the rules and some boats were sent back to where they were supposed to wait. There was a lot of bad language on the radio. πŸ™‚

The good news is that, for a change, it wasn’t cold, or windy, or foggy. Maybe it will be a good season this time. 2020 could use a success story.


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