It’s been a remarkably warm Lobster Season so far … in my limited experience. We’ve had a few nights where the temperature dipped below freezing but nothing severe as yet.

Today we are getting light rain … just enough to make Fish insist he should remain indoors. More about him down below.

The big news, of course, is that we are no longer an oasis of health in the middle of a global pandemic. The virus has arrived on the Island.

This isn’t a surprise. The Atlantic Bubble has worked so well that complacency became the order of the day. Never mind the situation in Maine (and the rest of Canada), many felt invulnerable because “It’s not here!”

Complacency has led to an increase in cases in our health region as well. So much so that we are now back in the Orange Level of restrictions. Those in charge are looking at moving us back to Red. This would be the most restrictive shutdown.

It’s all very well to allow essential travel, but our ferry – which only runs a few days/week and only when weather permits – is supposed to end this weekend. Driving through Maine is not an attractive option, the virus is spreading there at an accelerated rate. So, many of us are just preparing to hunker down in our single household bubbles.

I still have bronchitis. The symptoms mean I get tested for Covid but the virus hasn’t got me. Just the plague. 🙂

I had to cancel 2 Doctor appointments on the mainland … again. When they find out I have symptoms, must drive through Maine, and there are cases here, the proverbial 3 strikes are more than enough for them to tell me to stay away.

I’m focused on inside projects and planning for a productive indoor winter. Amazon is going to love the size of my orders.

One ongoing task will be making dog cookies. Oh I still order milkbones for the group of hungry canines which visits regularly. However, Fish has an allergy and it seems – through a process of elimination – to be wheat. Sigh

He is not taking his restrictions with as much grace as the rest of us. When I give the big yellow lab a cookie, Fish sits under his head and snaps up the milkbone pieces which fall out of his mouth. It’s going to be a character-building winter.


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