Nobody Knows Anything, I Think

It is the 2nd of December. I went for a drive early this morning and didn’t wear a jacket or turn the heat on in the car. It’s 15C (59F). Have I mentioned that it’s December?

We just finished a 2 day rainstorm. Our forecast was for 6 inches of water from the sky. I don’t know how close we came (very) but I guess we should be relieved the temperature wasn’t seasonal.

You can tell the personality type of individual residents by their reaction to what feels like the 6th month of Autumn. Some express hope that it stays this way, while the rest of us expect to have to pay for the warm weather by suffering through the blizzard of the millennium.

Fish just wants dry weather. He won’t voluntarily go out in the rain and insists that he’s capable of crossing his legs for weeks if necessary. Flooding due to climate change has a slightly different connotation in this house.

The last scheduled day for our ferry was yesterday and there has been no statements on its future. The Premier included comments in his Covid update the other day that we can still go to Lubec for gas and groceries. We’re thinking this doesn’t bode well for an announcement of continued ferry service.

I made my last trip upriver recently … but only to take a friend for a tooth extraction. A lot of people have been doing their usual holiday shopping trips. I’ll just put a tag on something from Amazon. Who wouldn’t appreciate cleanser for their ceramic cooktop?


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