I Don’t Like to Complain, but

Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy on Campobello—it’s F*cking Cold!

Yesterday was in the low 40s F and we had a monsoon. Overnight the temperature plummeted. As I write this, the temperature is -16C and the windchill is -28. Frankly it doesn’t matter at this point if it’s Fahrenheit or Celcius, freezing your extremities is still freezing your extremities.

I was hoping to avoid being accused of neglecting my blogging duties now that I’m back online. You’d think I could just take a photo through the car window, but they were too cold and wouldn’t open. So I had to brave the elements, for you Dear Reader. 🙂

I did see some pretty things. The wind whips up the sea smoke (vapour) in small areas and that’s fun. I saw the tiny flakes of snow blow decoratively across frozen ponds. The sight of frozen rockweed made me hope that any mosquito larvae hiding inside were destroyed.

Apart from that it was just cold! I thought maybe a bull moose might appear and I’d finally get a good head shot – but all the animals were smart enough to hide in shelter. I’m the idiot.

The good news is that I’m taking a new drug (Primidone) for my “jazz hands”. I tried to start at a really small dose but there’s only so many times you can cut a pill before it turns to powder. So, the past couple of weeks I dealt with the “potentially causes drowsiness” side effect by taking it at night. Turns out it made me unconscious. If I did wake up in the night I discovered my hands weren’t shaking – so that was good, if not terribly useful.

Finally the deep sleep wore off and I started taking it in the morning. I get a lot fewer blurry photos now (frigid hands not withstanding) and can actually write a legible sentence with a pen. At least until about 4 pm.

The next blog post should be warmer and steadier. 🙂


  1. lovely photos! i like the sea vapor (yeah, yeah, vapour. *rolls eyes*) and for someone who claims she doesn’t want to complain… Did WE complain over all the weeks and months without our reading entertainment???? oh, right, we did. 🙂 no matter. carry on!!! you are still WAY behind on posts. 🙂 says the one who has a zillion photos and a half-written post but somehow can’t find the publish button. 🙂 so good to have you back.

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