Feel the Calm

The Island woke up this morning to a distinct lack of howling winds. What a change and what a relief! The temperature is still below freezing but windchills aren’t nearly as horrible as they have been. With their usual optimistic outlook my friends all repeated the “calm before the storm” bit of wisdom. Maybe that’s true, but I’m just going to enjoy this sense of peace while I can.

There are still chores to do of course, and that includes splitting and hauling in firewood. I get a great sense of satisfaction from that, even if this old body makes me quit before my enthusiasm runs out. 🙂

As part of my research for a forthcoming series of blog posts I came across a description of Campobello as an “island that is in fact damp, cold, foggy, and remote”. Well it’s a bit chilly today and in the past hour the clouds have rolled in for what is supposed to be light snow showers. Foggy? Yes, it is often foggy – although not as much this winter as one might expect . Damp – of course, when it’s raining. Which it isn’t at the moment. Remote? That depends on where you’re standing.

Every winter I start to make lists of improvements I want to make and then cut that down to improvements I can afford to make. So, for example, my floors around all the rugs I’ve put down are really cold in the winter. I’ve done as much as I can do, within reason, to keep the basement and the pipes from freezing. The logical solution is to replace all the warm socks my dog has eaten.

My Spring Cleaning list is also getting very long. If it was feasible I’d wait til a few nice warm days, empty the place, and bring in a power washer. Instead I’m going to have to endure many hours of my least favourite activity – cleaning. This will include dealing with the cats’ pet mouse. shudder

I will have an excuse for not seeming to get much done quickly (apart from the whole “hating it” aspect). The Primidone I’m taking for my hands is working pretty well. Oh I’ll never be able to eat soup in public but pfffft. Still, although it doesn’t make me exactly drowsy any more, it does exacerbate any tendency toward laziness I might be feeling.

So, no profound thoughts today. Just the idle musings of somebody enjoying her view and preparing for a (with any luck) really industrious Spring.

Just to indicate how quickly things can change around here, these images were taken a couple of hours ago and now the snow flakes have started to come down. I’ve got to go bring in some wood and get ready to run some errands.

I know there are a lot of people out there with huge problems and difficult lives. I know I’m lucky. Believe me when I tell you I don’t take any of this for granted. On the downside, I still have to explain to the cats that their pet mouse has gone to live on a farm somewhere far away.


  1. I don’t think I told you that last summer Siobhan, our little white cat (with the huge yell of a miaouw that you probably remember) passed away at the great age of 21. We then acquired a new cat, a Maine Coon who is truly a naughty tortie and rapidly growing to the size of your two. Well, individually, not (thankfully) both together. She’s called Sinead and also Molly Plume (for her tail) and is a darling. I wish I could post pics her in comments, but I don’t think I can.

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    1. I don’t remember knowing about Siobhan – and I’m sorry for your loss.
      I do think that Sinead would benefit from advice and counsel offered by two older/wiser heads. They have had experience with you and I’m sure would love to give your new cat some survival lessons. 🙂


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