Weather from the North East

It was sunny and (relatively) warm for part of this past week. Then everything shifted to come in from the North East. We had hours of snow yesterday although most of it didn’t stick – the next few days will be wet and occasionally windy.

The sad news is that another fishing boat sank on Saturday – this one off Cape Breton. Four of the crew members were found by another boat clinging to the upturned hull. One of the five crew didn’t make it out of the wheelhouse. Two lost their lives. The weather not only contributed to the sinking, it also made it impossible for all but one of the Coast Guard vessels to conduct a search.

On the home front I treated myself this month. The demise of the poor tablet meant that I haven’t been able to read a book in months. Oh I understand the appeal of a real book in your hands, but at my age the print is as difficult to read as the back of an aspirin bottle.

I searched on Amazon for readers and discovered that I could get their Fire Tablet for half the price of a Kindle. This makes no sense to me however I wasn’t going to argue with getting more functionality for less cost. As it is an Amazon product it has all of the Kindle programming in it as well – so there was no downside. I’ve had it for four days and already read 5 books. My other chores are being neglected but pfffft to them. 🙂

I’m also experimenting with the mix of pills I’m taking to see which ones (if any) affect my cholesterol levels (I seem to have inherited my Mother’s). One drug I’m not taking for a while is the Primidone – the one that calms my hand tremor. I hadn’t realized how well it was working until I stopped using it. With any luck its absence will be temporary.

The Lobster Season has officially started and herring boats are getting geared up. The various weirs are being inspected for necessary repairs and the random stakes sitting on beaches are being gathered up. It feels like it should be Spring but there are no green buds on trees. Song birds occasionally congregate but even they disappear during this weather.

I took this shot of the snow starting to fall in the Park just next to Herring Cove. The dogs were out sniffing around and doing their thing when they suddenly took off across the field. The little brats. As we chased them in the car we saw an eagle approaching – its claws fully extended.

Much yelling at the raptor and snarling at the dogs and we managed to head off disaster. Both dogs got in the car and acted like we were being unreasonable. The rain should keep them from trying any more independent excursions – which is the only positive thing I can think of for weather coming off the North Atlantic.

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