Tiny Steps

Heavy rain overnight and, if you believe the weather pundits, we’ll get snow starting in a few hours. I thought it seemed way too warm but the temperature is falling so maybe they’re right.

A friend and I went out so I could take some quick photos.

  • Him: What are you going to take pictures of on a rainy day?
  • Me: A rainy day.
  • Him:

Most of the lobster boats were in the Harbour. It hasn’t been a great season so far but they’re still trying. That seagull you can barely see in the first image isn’t so much hiding from the rain as he is claiming ownership of the bait bins.

We went down behind the lobster tank to look around and, as we were sitting there, a sudden movement caught our eyes and 2 big deer ran past us. I didn’t have my camera ready of course.

Fish went crazy. He is the size of one of their heads so I don’t know what he thinks he’ll do with them. Maybe gnaw on an ankle. Either that or he just wants another 4-legged friend to play with.

While we were trying to calm him down a 3rd one made a break for it. Having something that big run within 10 feet of him gave him all sorts of delusions of predator. He made it obvious we were supposed to track them.

The next photo is a great image of where they were. 🙂 Just on the other side of that row of dead grasses.

We left to hopefully get his mind off a big game hunt and went down to Tiger’s compound. I wanted to know if there were any signs of the mother osprey – I had yet to see one this year. She comes back to her big nest about this time and I figured there was a dim possibility she might be there.

Instead we discovered that the Power Company had replaced the pole which hosted the nest. So it’s gone. However, we did see this little one mourning the loss of its home nearby.

This might be one of the fledglings from last year – it’s only half the size of the mother bird. Still there’s hope that a new nest will be created.

I’m not as industrious as the birds that have to rebuild their 5 foot diameter nests, or the beavers who have to re-construct their dams after the Highways Maintenance guys destroy their homes. As a result, this time of year is my least favourite.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my house to be sparkly clean. It can’t be tidy – there are 2 cats, a small monster dog, a mouse, and all the neighbourhood pets who like to wander in looking for toys and cookies. Still clean is important.

Spring cleaning is my nightmare. I started on the bedroom and found enough cat hair to stuff a pillow. This depressed me so much I went into the kitchen and told the stove to clean itself. I’m sure that counts as progress.

This judgmental teenager doesn’t seem to agree.


  1. oh yeah, you’re going to get (got) snow. we got snow last night. seriously, April??? WHY do you want to behave like this? This is why people go about writing things like “April is the cruelest month”. FIRST we got a weather alert on our phones and email about a line of severe thunderstorms moving our way, packing large hail and 60 mph winds. As I had the time, I went out and moved the convertible into the garage, took down the hanging art work, moved all the plants in pots onto the porch, took DOWN the 4 hanging planters, etc. etc. etc. Then, because the temps were going to drop from 75F Tuesday to 31F Wednesday night, I covered all those poor little plants now huddled on my porch with a clear tarp. covered the rolling raised bed planter with a tarp. brought in what I could bring in easily (key word that last one). Figured that just like the thunderstorms that didn’t arrive, the snow wouldn’t either because hey – i took the time and effort to prepare. Imagine my delight (<– sarcasm) this morning when I awoke to see SNOW on my neighbor's roof top and snow on my deck. Sigh. I figure that all the plants that wintered over on my porch will probably be okay. Maybe not the gardenia, which I keep calling a jasmine. but seriously – I am DONE with COLD weather. GO AWAY!!!! Go up north where the icebergs need you. Anyway, hope you survived the snow. Our temps are supposed to be back in the 30s tonight. Guess i'm leaving the tarp in place.

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