Staying in the Neighbourhood

It’s a really nice day – so of course torrential rains are coming back tonight. 🙂 Still I can get a few things done. I started by going to Lubec (see above) for gas and I’ll putter around home for the rest of the day.

If I was truly on top of things I’d mow the lawn – it’s green now and the rain will cause much growth. However, the riding mower isn’t ready to be used and I have plenty of other things to work on. For one thing the hummingbird feeders have to go out. The sightings are close and frequent enough that the birds will be here momentarily.

Fish and I went for a walk across the Island yesterday. While we just strolled along a whole team of volunteers worked to pick up the trash on the Island and get it hauled away. This trash isn’t the used equipment left to rust away. No I’m talking about the litter left by a small group of individuals. They’re like slugs leaving a trail behind them only in this case it’s cans etc., that they don’t want in their trucks.

Last year I mentioned my distaste for this practice to one guy who said “Well. I left a cigarette package on the road next to your place to see how long it stayed. You never picked it up.” My response, slightly sanitized for this post, was “Just who the hell said it’s my job to clean up after you?”.

Both the Island and Lubec are really quiet this morning. It’s like a big meeting was called somewhere and a few of us didn’t get the memo. 🙂 This is fine with me. I’ve been to enough meetings in my life and these days crowds aren’t an attractive draw.

I did use the new mandatory ArriveCan app to cross the border this morning. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but it’s my second time and I had to fill in ALL the information again. Took me longer than it took me to get the gas. There are people on this Island without cell phones or computers. There are also a lot of stubborn “The Govt can’t tell me what to do” individuals. Customs is trying to get this place exempt – in the meantime the Border Guards are looking truly fed up with this thing. After only 3 days. Oh good times.

Much of my spring cleaning involves storing things I don’t need in boxes. The thrift store is closed til the end of the pandemic. One of my other tasks today is a little embarrassing. When I first moved in I put two book cases in the corner of the kitchen to hold various small appliances and roasting pans, etc. They work really well. Operator error is not their fault.

I store my two big pots on top of one of the units – which has been ideal. At least it was until one of the lids slid off and down into the hole which is created when you put two rectangular objects together along the two sides of a 90 degree corner. So later today I’ll unload one of the bookcases, unscrew it from the wall, and retrieve the lid. I’ll also put something over the hole. Then Fish and I will go see if we can find the forest dwellers taking advantage of stuff spring cleaners are throwing out.

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