I mentioned recently that the Osprey nest had been removed when they replaced the power pole. Well Mama is back and has drafted the help of that young one I saw.

They’re working quickly – both flew off and returned with sticks a couple of times while I watched. I’m sure they know enough not to get their build too close to the live wires. (crossing fingers)

It’s easy to see just how big she is when she’s sitting next to her offspring. I tried to tell Fish that this is why I need him to look up while he’s running around. He doesn’t think it’s a reasonable request.

I’m doing repairs as well. Right now I’m working on the washing machine which kept giving me a wet floor every time I used it. The problem, as I eventually figured out, is that the water is backing up in the drain pipe.

Now, you might think it’s dumb of me not to have seen it earlier. That’s only because you don’t know what stuff around here looks like after decades of men doing (their best, I’m sure) stuff to fix things. It wasn’t until I removed the 10 pounds of antique duct tape, strange unidentifiable bindings, and rope (I kid you not) off the point the hose fits into the pipe that I could see the problem.

I think the rope was there to try and keep the hose sitting appropriately in the pipe. Once I removed the 10 pounds of garbage it had no problem doing just that. This is a reminder not to keep putting new fixes on top of old. 🙂

I’ve been solving the leak one problem at a time. There are only two possibilities left. The last one I want to deal with is the vent. It’s the second to the last I’m hoping will do the trick.

I’m all for learning new things but there are two areas of life I never wanted to get into – plumbing and electrical. Let’s hope I never have to wire anything because I’m breaking my vow on the first.

Even I can see that the drainage pipe hooks into the pipes under the sink. I’m assuming, based on the action of the water that there is a blockage somewhere. As a result I had to speak words to Customs yesterday I never would have imagined I’d utter: “Yes, I now own a snake.” I’ll find out today if it will solve my problem.

If any of you are wondering why I would undertake this project myself when there’s an Island full of people who know what they’re doing, well, if I wait for one of them I’ll still be dealing with wet floors months from now. 🙂 One guy hasn’t even managed to retrieve his hat sitting 12 feet up in a tree and you know how attached to them they are. My plumbing problem isn’t high on anybody else’s list.

There is more and more wildlife appearing everyday – some of it not so welcome. Fish has to have his flea/tick medicine this morning because people are already complaining about their dogs bringing home passengers.

This guy, however, was a nice surprise this morning. He looks a little lonely but I suspect he’s just waiting for a plumber.

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