Road Trip Today

Just a quick post – I have to go upriver to the Dentist. There’s no Ferry so I’ll be (gulp) driving through Maine and trying to make the ArriveCan app work. It hates me and I’m hoping Customs in St. Stephen is as understanding about the trials of technology as the one down here is.

I saw more wildlife today than I have in months. These geese have decided to nest in a beaver pond and were actively chasing away the poor animal just scrounging for sticks.

Coincidentally this little guy/gal had decided to go to Family Fisheries for breakfast. Unfortunately they aren’t open.

I had less luck with that big mother eagle out on Lighthouse Rd. She’s picked a really good spot for her nest – we can just make out her head when she peeks over the edge but her home is very well camouflaged.

This last guy though made no attempt to hide. I guess somebody from Nova Scotia decided to take a vacation and thought Head Harbour would be a great destination. Of course, they might have just wanted to check out the Ospreys and their new nest.

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