A Lucky Committee of (at least) Fourteen

We all know the kind of luck I have taking photos of birds. Well it’s more a lack of skill than luck but … details. Usually they fly off or just turn their backs. In the case of nesting ospreys etc., they just stay far out of my reach with the sky behind them.

I’ve wanted some shots of turkey buzzards ever since I arrived. I know they are more properly called turkey vultures but I try to adopt the local vernacular. ๐Ÿ™‚

On my way to North Road Breakwater I spotted two of the birds in trees. Looking further ahead they were seemingly everywhere on roofs and fence posts right at the edge of the water. The conclusion reached in the car is that something was dead down there. I chose not to investigate. In addition to not really wanting to know, I didn’t want to have to argue with these guys.

I counted 14 and there could have been more. Every time I shifted my angle looking at a roof my count went up.

I did some research to find the collective noun for these birds and found a variety of answers. Initially the list of options was a cast, colony, committee and/or venue. I also found volt and kettle.

There is one other name for them which is apparently used when they are feeding on something – a wake. This seems a little too apt and also an example of really dark humour. Again, I didn’t wait around for the kettle to become a wake.

One of the houses (or outbuildings) next to the row of those occupied by buzzards, hosts a fox den. I know they are there only because people keep telling me they are. I’ve never seen them.

At least I hadn’t until this morning. I watched the mother drop mice for the little ones to chase while she supervised and kept her eye on the cars. Later I managed to catch two of the exhausted cubs resting in the sun. It is a good day. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. The buzzards lined up on the roofline are a bit creepy. I’d be burning sage or something if I lived in that house (and I hate the smell of burning sage). But the foxes! The foxes! That’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages, you lucky girl you!

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