The Island is Waking Up

Spring took a long time to get started but things are changing fast. The lilac hedges around me are ready to fill the air with scent and the black flies/mosquitos are already annoying.

I told you the other day there seemed to be population explosions in the ground swallow and eagle communities. Well that holds true for other birds and mammals as well.

For the first time in my life I’ve seen flocks of blue jays. As in more than a hundred of them at a time flying around in a group. According to Google they are known as a band/cast/party/ or scold. I’ll use the last one cause they aren’t quiet. The good news is that they eat black flies and mosquitos. 🙂

It is fact that I’m no good at photographing animals and birds in motion (aka running away from me) as evidenced by this heron. The good news is that the two deer in the next shot stopped to play basketball in Brenda’s backyard.

I didn’t get a pic of one population yesterday – it would have been even less interesting than most of my shots. A friend and I were headed upriver so I could see the Cardiologist (everything is good) and when the Ferry arrived the car refused to start.

We sent multiple texts asking for jump packs but had no signal on our phones. After rolling down the hill and into the parking area a signal appeared and all those texts sped off to their destinations. All of them. Eight trucks arrived with helpful Islanders and their equipment. We all chatted until the next Ferry arrived. I love this place.

There are two new additions to the water landscape around here. One is the new feeding system they’ve installed for a group of salmon cages. It’s certainly high-tech.

The other is a fishing vessel which has been in construction for seemingly ever but in fact it’s been about a year. She arrived yesterday. The cost was (according to Island chatter) $2 million and she’s for sale.

So if you ever thought about trying your luck as a fisherman/woman, well here’s your chance. 🙂

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