Living Just Fine

I’m finally surfacing from my post-injection symptoms – although I still want to fall asleep every time I sit down. ๐Ÿ™‚ Things have improved so much I left the comfort of my wood burning stove (yes, I know what the calendar says but apparently it’s supposed to stay cold here) and went out to the Park. I know you prefer images of wildlife and I tried, I really did, but apart from one squirrel I didn’t see any.

After a hike with Fish down a trail, and a search of some of the back roads, I took the dog for a walk around the Bog. The showiest plant right now is the sphagnum moss – so you just get pics of a few small flowers.

I should mention that my yard is filled with the scent of lilacs though, as all of the long, 10 ft tall hedges surrounding me are in bloom. Unfortunately I don’t have a smell lens for the camera.

There didn’t seem to be another soul in the Park and, as I wandered around, I remembered a series of emails I’ve been getting from Telus (my phone provider). I know the connection isn’t obvious but I’ll explain.

The emails all include the subject “Living Well” and tell me I can get a great deal on “my” copy of this new app. It might sound like an exercise or diet program but what it really purports to be is an “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” button for your phone.

Now, yes, if I was in trouble I could just call 911 – but apparently this thing has automatic fall detection. I’m not sure how they can tell the difference between me falling and me dropping the phone, however I’m sure the smart people have figured that out.

This one little worry is not my biggest problem with Telus or their Living Well app. My issue is with the way they chose to market it (and I’m not even touching on the YouTube ads).

Forgive me for being ageist but I strongly suspect some bright young person in their Sales Division said “I know, we’ll send an email to all of our customers over the age of 60. They obviously need this in their lives and we’ll make a fortune!” They also decided to send multiple emails cause us old folks are too stupid to see how badly we need this the first time.

If they asked me I’d suggest they bundle their products into different age categories (kids, teens, adults, decrepit oldsters) and let us know that options are there. We could find it if we were looking for it – honest.

The assumption that homogeny exists within any age group is at best short-sighted. In some cases it’s insulting.

I’m sure those bright young things would suggest I sit down on the bench and consider my frailty. Unfortunately, I have a riding mower to gas up and that wood isn’t going to split and stack itself.


  1. oh yeah, they’ve made a major miscalculation sending that to you repeatedly. ๐Ÿ™‚ very glad to hear that you recovered from the 2nd shot a bit faster than the first. have they opened that border yet???

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    1. Um no. The US shouldn’t want it opened anyway given the way things are going in much of our Country right now. I promise I will let you know as soon as you can get across. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. is the ferry expected to start again any time soon, or is that still out of commission?


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