The first image gives a glimpse at the reality of the rock I live on. 🙂 When I win the lottery I’ll put actual soil on my property and grow a garden. Notice I said “when” not “if”.

I drove around a bit this morning – it’s a nice morning. Unlike my friend Ahuva I’m not looking forward to the heat I expect to arrive later today. It was just last weekend I had to light the woodstove and it looks like that might be true again later this week. In the meantime, steamy.

At high tide you could see the pinwheel patterns made by the discarded nets along the beach. They are supposed to clean them up but have only gotten as far as attaching buoys to them.

In other coves I saw one crew working with a pile driver to build their weir and the rockweed harvesters. The latter must soak themselves in repellant because the mosquitoes hide in that weed. I mowed the lawn this morning and pissed off thousands of them. Out on a boat, surrounded by their habitat, would be hell.

The bugs are one of the reasons I procrastinated this morning and went for breakfast at the Golf Club before doing anything productive. It’s the first time in almost 4 years that I’ve visited at that hour and (OK it’s not wildlife) it’s a nice place to sit and enjoy your coffee.

In addition to some procrastination I was contemplating the recent death of somebody who had a big impact on me. A few of you know I used to spend a lot of time in a virtual world, Second Life. I truly believe it save my sanity and, if you knew how crazy it could be there, that’s really saying something. 🙂 I miss it and once modern internet arrives here I’ll be back.

When I first wandered into SL the person in charge of Linden Lab was the founder – Philip Rosedale. A fascinating guy I met a few times inworld. He left to go do other things and there were a couple of new CEO’s before February 2014 when Ebbe Altberg arrived. Known throughout the grid by his first name, he immediately breathed life into a world that many of us hold dear.

Ebbe passed away on Thursday and will be sorely missed. He will also be remembered by tens of thousands from around the real world and in all corners of the virtual.

The annual birthday celebration will start later this month and I expect there will be memorials. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go inworld to participate. Somebody light a floating lantern for me. 🙂

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