Birds & Bears & Blur

There isn’t a breath of wind this morning. Usually that would be good news, however we’re in the middle of an official heat wave and the temperatures are totally unreasonable. My friend Ahuva would be in heaven – I’ve decided that I really do prefer winter. πŸ™‚

I saw lots of birds this morning, so that’s what most of the images will be. I can tell you that a black bear must have swum across from Lubec last fall just in time to build a den and hide out. She’s been seen around the Island with 2 cubs. All I’ve seen personally are her paw prints and they’re big.

Nobody believes that Wildlife will move them (even though they obviously have no passports or vaccination records) and this is going to be a problem. They’ve come awfully close to my place which means I would really rather they lived somewhere else. However, there are too many guns and hunters around here to believe they have a chance at a long life. 😦

On a positive note – a friend saw a newborn and mother deer yesterday. They managed to get into the woods before I got there which means they also managed to hide from the eagles and coyotes and (now) bears.

Big mama eagle was perched outside her nest this morning and I still wonder at her size every time I see her. Both of her babies are now huge although they aren’t flying around yet.

One pair of geese took their kids for some exercise. That’s water dripping off Mama’s beak – she doesn’t have a hooked nose. grin

On a positive note I’m going upriver today to see the eye doctor. The glasses I’m using are not my prescription – not even the one I came with 4 years ago. I’m hoping that, not only will I be able to see clearly once again, but maybe more of my photos will be in focus. At least it will be one less excuse for blur.

Once I get new glasses I’m going to go through all the camera settings and adjust until they’re where they should be. The long lens doesn’t respond to auto-focus right now (somebody who was “helping” dropped the camera) but it is not a problem to use – if the person using it can see. πŸ™‚

There were 3 whales off of Jackson’s this morning. Yay! My hope is that they are just the first and we will once again have a summer of giant mammals swimming in circles around the Island. At the very least I know that if they’re there, I’ll be able to see them.


  1. EXCELLENT news about the eye exam. πŸ™‚ as for me – i’m getting old. 😦 time was NJ summers did not tax me. now i find that the humidity wins. it was 91 yesterday and I caved and turned on the a/c. I know it’s not the 91, because i’ve been in AZ at 91 and wasn’t miserable – I could be outside. But someone told me we are already at 69% humidity this morning and that’s just not pleasant. i went out early to water the plants and discovered my neighbor had set up her sprinkler to get my plants as well as hers!!! yay!!!! (the rhododendron side of the house). i’m thinking that maybe I should set my sprinkler for the planters along the front walk…

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