We had a 3 day heat wave. I went from lighting the wood stove to enduring (with many other people) a period of temperatures in the 90s F (30s C) with humidex readings over 100 F (40 C). I did not even try to get any work done in the yard. In fact, apart from that morning of the eclipse, I haven’t done anything more energetic than make a cup of coffee.

This morning it was 47F (8C). Honestly this is just getting silly.

There are hints in this image of the amount of work to be done cleaning up my outside space. Yesterday I cut down a lot of tall grasses where I haven’t mowed and today I raked them up. There is still much to do and I really should mow again.


I answered the phone, which was inside, and was looking at my camera and decided to see if my old long lens could work again. That’s reasonable right?

I played around with it a while and then wandered the yard testing it at various distances. These aren’t intended to be great shots – I’m just sharing the results of my investigations. šŸ™‚

The next shot of the old weir in my cove shows the stakes covered in rockweed. It didn’t grow there. When the harvesters move around the shore pulling weed off rocks they cut up a lot of it – which then floats less than decoratively on the surface, coats the beach, and sticks to things like old weirs.

This is an unfortunate outcome for many reasons, but my least favourite is that it gives the mosquitoes a taxi to areas they might have otherwise avoided. Blech!

I felt it was important to share this camera work with you all, in spite of the fact it means delaying any yardwork I might actually accomplish. You’re welcome!

I am not the only one in this house easily and cheerfully distracted. Fish has to be tied to a line outside – not because he wants to run away. The problem with him is that he starts sniffing things and just wanders without any sense of where he is or where he’s going.

A friend of mine thinks he’s going to turn this 9 pound idiot into a hunting dog. Ha!


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