It was (mostly) a Good Day

I went upriver yesterday and the trip was otherworldly. Imagine you’re on successive barge ferries and the fog in the photo is surrounding you. All you can see is white mist. We could have been anywhere. Honestly, we could have been 1,000 feet in the air and wouldn’t have known. Good thing most boats have the right equipment for those conditions.

There was a small outboard wandering around when we crossed the Bay. Every fisherman on board the ferry shook his head and declared that person to be out of his mind.

We are part of the North American heat bubble – and yes, we’re better off than the West Coast. Still, the sea breezes which should be making the weather more bearable are absent.

Monday afternoon the wind came up, the clouds moved in, and we had a thunderstorm accompanied by an amazing downpour. It was like somebody took a garden hose, opened the valve wide, and aimed it at my windows.

The storm went by and the sun came out and the humidity level had increased to a ridiculous level.

Then another storm moved in and we went through it all over again. Then sun, then another storm. I didn’t get photos of any of the 3 which visited us – because downpours.

There were no storms yesterday … just the heat lifting the soggy remains of the rain into the air. Fish insisted that he should go and I could leave the car running when I was doing my errands and he’d be fine. I disagreed. This was one argument he wasn’t going to win.

One of the reasons I went upriver was to have a tooth pulled. An old root canal under a crown had been bothering me and, although it wasn’t really painful, I didn’t want to wait until agony set in.

A weird thing happened while I was in the Dentist’s chair. They took an x-ray, the Dentist & Technician & I all looked at it, and none of us could see a problem with the tooth. So it stayed in. We’ll monitor it, but none of us thought it should be pulled. The Dentist didn’t charge me for the visit. I’ve had tooth doctors who yelled at me for wanting a less expensive procedure than they wanted to perform. This is the first time I’ve had one say “Let’s wait and see if a problem really exists.” She’s a keeper. 🙂

There’s no wind this morning, and those blues are really the colour I saw in the Harbour. I could see them because I got new glasses yesterday. In fact I can see everything I grew up expecting to see!

The only glitch is that they were fitted on top of a mask (of course) so they’re a little loose. I have the right tool but the wrong hands to make the adjustments. A friend has promised to come by later and get that done. Still, it’s a whole new world.

More storms are supposed to travel through later today. I will try to get some chores done before I just park on the chair with a book. The Office Manager at the Eye Doctor’s told me the downside to new glasses is that you can see how dirty your house is. Unfortunately, she was correct. 🙂


  1. I cannot believe they fitted the glasses over a mask. You could have HELD the mask in place over nose & mouth and left your ears and bridge of nose available. The color in the photos is gorgeous.


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