Luck, Guilt, and Frustration

The fog is here and the fishermen I spoke to don’t expect it to burn off today. There has been a collective sense of almost guilt for many in this region over the past few days. Apart from yesterday, which was relatively warm, it has been very un-summer-like here. We know the rest of the continent is burning, but we’ve had to put on sweaters and jackets. I can’t explain it, know we’re not responsible, and I’m sure we’ll pay for this, but I still offer my apologies anyway.

I did go to the mainland for a couple of tests and Fish accompanied us. He’s finally figuring out that he doesn’t have to stay alert the whole time. The bed I made in the back seat was actually used.

Saint John is not a big city – but it is the most metropolitan location he’s ever been and he didn’t like it. The dog was unimpressed with the roads, bridges, traffic, people, buildings etc., and I don’t blame him.

The day started out well but got increasingly more frustrating. I find sitting in the car for most of an 8 hour trip to be exhausting and that tends to diminish the amount of patience I have.

I got halfway from the car to the Hospital and realized I’d forgotten my mask (it’s been 16 or 17 months, it should be ingrained). Then I couldn’t figure out how to get into the building – Covid precautions mean that the front door isn’t accessible. I felt like an idiot.

After the test I went to a Mall to find a Telus store to figure out what it will take to fix the phone. It turned out the closest store was on the other side of Saint John. growl I changed my plan, went into Walmart and bought a cheap phone to use until I can get the other one repaired. Unfortunately, I turned down their offer to put the sim card in for me.

I got home finally and remembered that I had to make sugar syrup and feed the hummingbirds. My population has gone up exponentially and they eat A LOT. While I was doing that I dealt with the cats, and Fish’s desire to be outside, and the starving dogs from next door, and then Huckleberry showed up. He’s really pretty (has one blue eye and one gold) but he’s young, and hyper, and really strong. By the time I finished with them I was past exhausted and just wanted to sit down and nap.

However, I had to get the new phone set up. Fatigue just exacerbates my tremour. It took more than 90 minutes to get the sim card in the holder and in the phone. At some point in the process my animals went to hide in distant parts of the house. I was more frustrated, and tired, and frustrated, than I can remember ever being.

I finally got into my chair and thought I could more calmly start setting up the phone and hit that annoying problem of system and security updates that any unopened package will require after months of being on a shelf. The annoyance was compounded by the fact that the updates were to be processed individually – I don’t know yet how many there are but I’ve already had to sit through 8.

Today I hope to tackle the kitchen cupboards. This includes the area where the cats keep their mouse. The whole thing terrifies me and I plan to construct a hazmat suit. 🙂 I’ll have the updates continue while I do that.

As fascinating as I’m sure this rant has been (grin) I’ll try to improve on it with a brief story from this weekend. A friend and I drove over to visit Raymond and, while the two men did whatever they do, Fish and I got out of the car to take some photos.

Less than 10 minutes after we left we got a call from another friend that the black bear was strolling down Raymond’s driveway and across his property. We’d only made it a few blocks away. If I’d still been out there taking pics Fish could have made a new friend. Or not. 🙂

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