Floating Around

Yesterday’s weather was a big contrast from the storms we’ve been having. It was (mostly) sunny and turned relatively hot. Many on the Island took advantage of this to party.

I should point out that 85% of the rock’s population had received their second shots a few weeks ago. Some got vaccinated in Maine (they’re dual citizens and eligible), some on the mainland, and the rest of us took advantage of the 30 doses a week we were sent for months. There are benefits to having relatively few people. 🙂

The Lobster Season ended on friday and many took a break before getting things ready for the next big catch. Some kept working – the herring are arriving, as are the porpoises and whales necessary to encourage the little darlings to hide in the coves.

Fish and I went out on one of the boats yesterday and, while my dog assisted with manly work in outboards and dories, I took a few photos and watched the finbacks chase supper. Somebody had to guard the big boat!

There was no point taking my tripod so getting anything close to a clear shot was a challenge. Particularly since I stopped taking the meds for my tremor (a new one will be tested in the near future). Jazz hands are character building. 🙂 So you have my apologies, these were the best I could do.

I call the next photo “Still Life with Salmon Cages”.

I did see something new yesterday (which is not unusual to be honest). Driving past my cove I noticed a large group of young geese sitting on the sand. They weren’t doing anything, just sitting there in a line. I’m told the numbers are intended to discourage eagles. I have no way to disprove this.

Anyway, I went by a few more times and noticed that, as the tide came in, they stayed in a group but bunched up. As the water rose they just floated away as a unit. By mid-morning they had floated out of the cove and were heading wherever the tide took them.

I did look for them when we were out on the water and at one point thought I’d found them. Instead it was a large group of buffleheads following the herring and the porpoises and the whales. I don’t know what happened to the geese – maybe they’ll send a postcard.

I’m not the partying kind so I didn’t take advantage of the various social gatherings. In any case, I was exhausted from all that boat guarding and Fish was in desperate need of a bath. Manly work is a smelly business.


  1. Great narrative.
    Great photos.
    Great post.
    I enjoyed all.

    Whenever I am exposed to any mention of the Bay of Fundy,
    This is the first thought in my head:

    “He’s too far from the Bay of Fundy
    From appaloosas and eagles and tides
    And the air conditioned cubicles
    And the carbon ribbon rides”
    Joni Mitchell

    Liked by 1 person

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