The view this morning is limited as fog is once again surrounding us. Weather is the major topic today because on Wednesday night we had some more intense thunderstorms. The house wasn’t hit this time, however a power pole near me was. The sound of it exploding sent all three animals back to their preferred hiding places (and yes, the idiot dog is still trying to crawl under the washing machine).

Imagine if you will splinters coming off of a log. Now picture those splinters anywhere from 2 to 3 feet long and 8 inches wide. That’s what we found on the ground up to 50 feet away from the pole.

The power went out for 4 of us at approximately 1:45 am. The crew arrived just after 7 and seemed to do the repairs by 9:15. Unfortunately, although the house started to come back to life, it immediately went dark again. When they plugged us back in a transformer blew and we were powerless for another 6 hours.

The big difference between the storms we’re getting now and those I’ve witnessed in my almost 4 year residency is their path. Until this summer thunder and lightning coming from the west passed by us to the north. If it came from the north it stuck to the Eastport, Maine side of the Bay. Now they’re coming directly over me – oh “frabjous joy”. 🙂 More severe storms are coming tonight.

I hesitate to include the last photo of today’s post only because I know how bad the floods are in Europe and how directly impacted my friend Vick is by the water. He has already suggested that I send them the discarded boats lying around this Island.

Once again my friend, I don’t think these would be of any real use. However, if I can find something which might actually help I’ll figure out a way to get them across the ocean. In the meantime, for all of you in Germany and Belgium, please stay safe! We’ll do the same. 🙂


  1. 1. LoL @ idiot dog & washing machine (awww, poor little guy!)
    2. Yikes, the lightning strike exploding that pole! Wow.
    3. Even with fog (which I love, btw) you’re still living in a tourism board’s postcard.
    4. Vick? Forcella? SL? Small world. The comment about the boats sounds like Vick. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if that is indeed the guy. (Don’t know if you know/remember this is Seicher Rae.)

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