Bumper Crops

Fish and I went to Raccoon Beach yesterday and I did some more experimenting with the camera. It’ll be better (I hope) when I start a new drug for the hand tremor. The primidone came with too many side effects and it just wasn’t possible to take a consistent dose – those pills are really not designed to be chopped into tiny bits (the lowest dose we can get in Canada is an 125 mg pill). So I’ll try something else. πŸ™‚

We’re still getting lots and lots of fog. Even days after it’s rained the humidity levels are off the charts. This is good news for at least one community on the Island – the bugs. Mosquitoes and earwigs are thriving (damn them). I also encounter strange new insects every day and none of my animals seem the least bit interested in eating them. Ah well.

Fog Fest is scheduled to begin on July 29 and, since the Ferry is running, people can get here from the mainland. I know there’s talk of opening the Border to fully vaccinated Americans in mid-August. Honestly? I wouldn’t book your trips here just yet.

The Festival brings in a number of Maritime musical acts and from a variety of genres. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that Country is very big around here. Every Sunday night a large percentage of the population tunes in to a 2 hour Oldies radio program. I don’t know where they find a lot of the recordings. – I suspect there’s a dusty garbage bin somewhere. Many are cringe-worthy. There is nothing inherently different about C&W which ignores basic things like singing on key but you could be forgiven for not knowing that if you listen to the show.

High School graduation happened a few weeks ago and the big challenge around here is whether or not the kids will go on to more education. The option for many is to stay here and stick with the traditional “career” opportunities followed by families for generations. Many of the men I know around my age left school at about 14 and started fishing. This year’s class gives me a lot of hope (not that there’s anything wrong with fishing).

The video below is an example of a young person I think has a great future ahead of him – and it’s all about Country music. This is Hunter 2 years ago at the age of (I think) 17. He could teach a lot of the guys on the Sunday Oldies show how to do it.

I’ve mentioned a number of population explosions around here this year: eagles, blue jays, turtles, beaver, porpoises, and more. Here at my place the number of hummingbirds is threatening to bankrupt me.

I’m only using 2 feeders and I have to fill them completely every 24 to 36 hours. I get multiple birds at a time on each of them and lately the newest generation is feeding with the adults. I’m going through more than 20 pounds of sugar a month at this point and the greedy buggers aren’t slowing down. Maybe they just like the music around here. πŸ™‚

My hands may calm down enough with the new pill to get a good shot of one of these birds at some point. So far, this is the best I can do.

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